The Art of Good Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important skills we require, not only in the workplace but in every aspect of our lives. In the age of technology, in which people expect responses to emails immediately, whilst at the same time expecting fast turn-around times for tasks, it is very easy to walk down the path of miscommunication. This leads to conflict and errors. 'The Art of Good Communication' looks at the different methods of communication, and the elements we must consider when communicating with our colleagues.

Effective Problem Solving

No matter the role you hold in the workplace, you will almost certainly discover a problem which needs solving, or you may be asked to join in with the problem-solving process due to a bigger issue where your role within the department may be affected. 'Effective Problem Solving' is an introductory course where you will learn about the effective ways to problem solve, no matter how big or small the problem. You will explore different business models to aid the problem-solving process, and learn the importance of teamwork to complete the cycle successfully.